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Success Stories

I chose animal chiropractic because of the powerful changes I have seen it make in animals that have no other veterinarian option. The sensitivity of the human hands as a diagnostic and treatment tool is overlooked with today’s technology. Dr. Katie Cosgriff DC, IVCA, CSCS

I was a traditional practitioner for many years with a smoldering interest in alternative medicine and the potential benefit its modalities could offer my patients. Bridled by a combination of traditional training, mentors’ opinions, lack of knowledge/understanding and my own need for the dots to connect, I chose to be a skeptic but my interest continued to smolder. Believing my creator leads me on a path I don’t always understand, I found myself with an opportunity to increase my knowledge and understanding of the alternative modalities. I started with acupuncture and though still skeptical, I saw the tremendous benefit it provided my patients. Already recognizing traditional medicine did not have all the answers but also seeing there were limits to what acupuncture could provide and seeing a more complete approach in my acupuncture mentors who also practiced chiropractic, I wanted to learn more. This led me to Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic. Combining all of my life experiences with my chiropractic training has succeeded in connecting the dots and has made me a much more complete practitioner. Beyond the benefit of feeling a deep sense of personal satisfaction, I believe my patients will live healthier, happier lives throughout the rest of my career. Gary J Nie, DVM, MS, PHD, DACT, DABVP, DACVIM, cVMA, cAC

A chiropractor since 2001, I had always been interested in the idea of treating animals; particularly dogs. Finally, I took the leap and enrolled at Options for Animals. I was very excited. However, the first time I climbed up on 2 huge foam blocks to palpate a horse, my excitement turned to buyer’s remorse. I remember driving home from class and asking myself, “What the heck were you thinking!” Of course, I didn’t quit, I had already paid 2/3 of my tuition! Luckily, as the course progressed, I became more comfortable working with the animals and my excitement reignited. I even found that my adjustments on human patients improved as a result of the education I was receiving at Options. The instructors were top notch. They were all very passionate about animal chiropractic, the animals they helped, and the students they taught. I think the most interesting and rewarding part of the Options experience was learning alongside the veterinarians. I never knew this, but it turns out that veterinarians are super cool people! I found them all to be intelligent, warm hearted and very down-to-earth. It was such a great pleasure to spend time with the DVMs; eating, studying, sharing stories, and even adjusting some of them. Although they all came from different parts of the country, I look forward to keeping in touch, collaborating on cases, and seeing many of them again at continuing education courses. Options for Animals was a fantastic experience, and has provided me with an amazing career opportunity. I am very grateful. Dr. Kimberly Hunt Overland Park, Kansas

I had a wonderful experience at Options for Animals. They provided a very positive and fun learning environment that made it easier to get back into school after being out for a while. They teach a very high standard of care in chiropractic technique and maintain the well-being and safety of the animal as a priority. I am so grateful to have learned such a powerful modality that will allow me to provide optimal care to my patients. I am excited about this new chapter in my life and all of the animals that will benefit from the knowledge that I have gained. Holly Landes

daschund-460x345This is Andy beginning to hold his tail up and push off with his back feet. A few weeks prior he was not able to lift his tail and wag it. He had two adjustments before this video. The next video you will see a very different dog.

Two more adjustments. The changes occurred over eight weeks. Thank you for my training at Options for Animals!!! Dr. Eileen Macfarlane

I’ve really enjoyed learning how chiropractic can truly affect the function of the nervous system! It is a very powerful and moving experience when you can see the change in an animal’s function after treatment with chiropractic. I’m hoping that chiropractic can become more mainstream so that more animals will have access to great integrative care! Dean Dierksen, D.C., A.R.T. Premier Chiropractic & Wellness, P.A.

It was soon after the cervical module at Options and I was back home at my small animal veterinary clinic. I took a call from a concerned client about her Dachshund who had a history of intervertebral disc disease. The owner described that her pet had a flare-up over the weekend and she had instituted anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, and she was now calling me for advice. Her little guy was not doing well after a couple of days on medication, he was really painful, and she was wondering if it were time to let the little fellow go. She was unable to afford a neurologic work-up, so I encouraged her to come in as soon as possible so I could take a look and we could talk things over. On presentation I was concerned how painful this little dog was; he couldn’t move without a yelp. My examination revealed sensitivity and poor mobility in the left cervical region. We had been doing acupuncture for his predictable lower back issues, with quite some success. Because of the breed I was reasonably convinced we had a cervical disc giving us trouble, and there was nothing on radiographs to indicate what we were up against. The owner agreed to let me do an adjustment, though she had no familiarity with the technique. The dog responded so quickly! I performed a C4 BL, a few other corrections, put him on the ground, and well, the owner and I were just amazed at how well he did. We did follow-up for the next several weeks, and I am happy to say we have heard nothing but good since. I find it wonderfully amazing to have a new skill that I can use to relieve suffering! Liane

I want to thank you for the wonderful time which I did share with you at Options for Animals. You and the whole team of your school create a nice atmosphere of learning and socializing. I will miss this time and never forget. Have a wonderful time Ferdinand Niessen

As a professional dog trainer, I need my dogs to be able to work with me every day of the week. In addition to their “9-5″ jobs as demonstrators, I want them to feel good enough to be competitive at obedience trials, conformation shows, and hunt tests on the weekends. It is heartbreaking to spend many hours of training time with a loved companion and competitor, only to have their career cut short by their body breaking down. Regular chiropractic care helps my dogs to feel their best, so they can show me their “utmost willingness” in the ring.” Beth Ericson

My name is Erin Murphy and my horse Diamond is a 17 year old Appaloosa Sporthorse competing in FEI level Dressage. He has been receiving regular chiropractic care for approximately the last 10 years. In that time we have worked with both Dr. Pat Holl and Dr. Sid Erickson and they both deserve credit for Diamond’s ability to continue to compete at a very high level of Dressage. Since he started receiving chiropractic care he has advanced from training level to FEI and it has certainly put a large amount of stress on his body, especially as he ages. The regular adjustments and check-ups keep him feeling his best and training his best. I can always tell a difference in his movement and mood following an adjustment. The biggest indicator for me of how seeing Sid and Pat helps him is when either one of them show up to see him, he cuddles right up to them because he knows they are there to make him feel better. I truly believe that the work Pat and Sid have done on Diamond through the years has allowed him to continue to train and compete at a very high level of Dressage and has kept him happy and healthy. Erin Murphy (Nov 27, 2011)

The trainer at this particular location is from Europe, and he voiced his concerns about chiropractic before I arrived stating that he wanted to be sure I wouldn’t hurt the horses. When I arrived, I started on the 3 calmest horses, and he was sitting there watching the entire process. I explained to him what I was doing as I adjusted the first horse. He sat on a stool, saying very little, while I adjusted those 3 horses. After I finished, he asked me if I would adjust his favorite horse next! I smiled to myself, and asked him if he had any questions or further concerns. He said that he had seen “chiropractic” performed over in Europe and it looked nothing like what I did. In fact, what he described sounded very similar to some of those wacky videos Dennis and Heidi showed us! After I finished all of the horses, the entire barn staff commented on how relaxed and content their charges seemed!!

It was a great first experience for me, and it made believers out of the whole barn staff. Dr. Ashley Settles

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