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BVCA Conference in conjunction with Options for Animals

1st – 4th February 2018
Price: £400 £320 BVCA member
30 Hours of CPD for the animal chiropractic practitioner.

Choose either to attend a day or the long weekend. Attendence for the full course gives 30 hours.

Ttouch for the Canine
Briony Price

The Tellington Ttouch has been around for over 30 years and was first developed by Linda Tellington Jones and is now used worldwide by trainers, vets, physiotherapists, behaviourists and right through to the animal owners & carers. It is a gentle, respectful way of working with animals. As posture and behaviour are linked, we use bodywork (touches) and groundwork (slow movement exercises) to help release tension patterns that the animal is holding, which in turn brings about changes in behaviour. As practitioners, observations are key and we will note movement, posture, balance, muscle development and coat changes amongst other things to see what areas we need to work in.

Ttouch works really well alongside conventional veterinary care and is extremely beneficial during rehabilitation from injury or surgery.

This quiet, gentle approach makes Ttouch a valuable tool to use by anyone working with or handling animals.

Isa Fishburn

Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) is a canine wellness practitioner. She is passionate about creating a co-existence between people and animals. Her experience as a conservation biologist and ambassador for wildlife quickly made her discover that conservation needs to begin at home: “many people do not consider the emotions and experiences of our dogs and how this can affect their very wellbeing.” Isla’s mission is to still create a co-existence between people and wildlife but first she must help people to conserve the natural dog; from genetics, diet, behaviour and, most of all, emotions. Isla is a firm believer that dogs have emotions and these are the foundations of any mammal’s survival.

Along with her extensive qualifications in the realm of animal behaviour and conservation, Isla has worked with wolves, wolf hybrids and domestic dogs for several years. Isla developed a deep personal connection whilst working with wolves and continues to have a passion for working with wild canids and bridging the gap between such animals and people. As such, Isla has established a commitment to canine conservation. It was her time spent with wolves that swayed Isla to develop a career with canines focusing on feelings and emotions, a wellness approach to teaching and learning, the human-animal bond, the mind-body connection and empowering the lives of others.

Isla’s core interest is the wellness of an animal and she considers the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of a dog, working with each dog as an individual. Like all mammals, dogs are sentient beings that are constantly observing, listening, learning and, most importantly, feeling. Isla uses natural techniques and knowledge of canine social behavior to help the overall health and wellness of a dog and how s/he is feeling.

She continually reads scientific literature on canine health and wellbeing and continues to research and learn about all things canine! Working as a holistic dog behaviourist, Isla also considers how natural practices can complement behavioural changes. As such, Isla also works with Bach Flower Remedy, energy healing, Applied Zoopharmacognosy, The Balance Procedure and is about to begin a course in both canine shiatsu and homeopathy. Isla has seen great results by combining practical behavioural changes with natural healing.

Canine Functional Characters
Isla Fishburn

Advanced Techniques
Sam Kingdon

Samantha Kingdon graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2003 and immediately planned to study animal chiropractic, but was unable to start her postgraduate studies for a few years. She eventually travelled to Options for Animals in Kansas to start her animal chiropractic journey and became IVCA certified in 2010. She has studied animal chiropractic extensively in Kansas completing all the advanced modules on offer. Sam runs a busy and successful practice in Suffolk caring for animals large and small alongside her regular human clinic.

Introduction to Functional Neurology
John Fossey

John Fossey qualified as a physiotherapist in 1983. After working in private practice and with elite sports teams he decided to retrain as a chiropractor at the AECC qualifying in 2005. Shortly after this John trained in animal chiropractic. John is currently finishing (end of 2017) his functional neurology training with the Carrick Institute.

John teaches technique, anatomy and neurology for Options for Animals and lectures both sides of the pond.

Ilaria Arena

Fee Schedule
Day 1 & 2 Only (Predominently canine) – £200
BVCA Members – £170

Day 3 & 4 Only (Predominently equine) – £200
BVCA Members – £170

Whole Conference / Best of Both – £400
BVCA Members – £320



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